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You cant manage what you don’t measure !

Scientific farming involves comparison of results of treated plots against untreated control plots – or at least comparison of results against an historical benchmark. Improved farming is difficult because of the very wide range of variables involved. However, at least some can be easily measured. These range from soil compaction, microbial Biomass, moisture, chlorophyll availability, nutrient status , pH, dry matter, etc – all factors eventually affecting the bottom line. We can evaluate the efficacy of many cultivation practices by measuring and comparing results.

Harvest Agri Ltd is a small, home based company selling sophisticated agricultural instruments for research as well as practical instruments for day to day use.

Jack Ingle is a chemical engineer with nearly 50 years of experience in agriculture. Harvest Agri has been operating in UK for 7 years and has built a good name for service, reliability and value-for-money. Our sister company in South Africa has been handling a similar product range for the last 17 years.

To farm scientifically, the readings obtained should be written in a notebook with date, field, crop and other relevant observations in order to build a benchmark history. Feel free at any time to discuss the interpretation of a series of readings
with Jack.

Be careful to only measure representative samples. Sampling guidelines are given in the “more info” section of some instruments.

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What We’re Offering


Our products are practical, highly affordable, mostly hand held instruments from respected local and international sources. Tested by time. See our principal suppliers below.


Our range is available for delivery anywhere in UK. Depending on the product, delivery is usually made within a week of order. Larger, imported items usually in about 3 weeks. The flat delivery fee is to encourage orders of larger quantity.


Most products have a one year manufacturer’s warranty but we are happy to immediately accept for full credit any product which is not fit for purpose.


We strive for customer satisfaction. Instrument readings are useful only if you know what they mean. We can help you interpret the result and discuss what action to take.

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