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FELIX F-960 Ripen it! Gas Analyser

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The F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyzer quickly and accurately measures ethylene, CO2 and O2 to assist with
decision making throughout the produce ripening process. All three sensors work together to give you a clear picture of gas concentrations in ripening rooms.
The Ripen It! is a handheld unit that can easily be transported into ripening rooms or connected to rooms through external ports. Data is conveniently transferred from the device to a network using Bluetooth or the removable SD card.

Harvest Agri Ltd is the UK distributor for Felix Instruments of USA and we will be happy to provide more details, answer queries and provide service.? See ?Contact us?.? However, please feel free to check the excellent FELIX website at “http://felixinstruments.com” or contact them directly at 01 (360) 833 8835 or by email at sales@felixinstruments.com

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