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AGRETO Soil Compaction meter

£225.50 inc. Vat

The AGRETO soil compaction tester is made from stainless steel (including the handles) and is practical, accurate, easy to use and guaranteed for 5 years. The probe is 750 mm long and marked at 75 mm intervals. The pressure gauge uses a traffic light scale (Green, amber, red ) with two scales in order to be used with both the 19 mm and the 13 mm tip. The smaller tip is most commonly used for unworked soils. Most roots are not able to penetrate soil which has a compaction reading of more than 250 pounds per square inch (approx. 1800 kPa). Inadequate root growth results in sub optimal uptake of the available nutrients.


Soils become compacted by ploughing when wet, by chemical agglomeration and by mechanical compaction either by vehicle traffic or animal hooves. The space between the larger soil particles is filled by smaller particles making a solid layer which cannot be penetrated by moisture or roots. This is often aggravated by some forms of plough share. Any type of soil can become compacted.

Healthy soil with good drainage and structure is the basis for a good yield, use this tool to plan and monitor your strategy to improve the soil. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Additional information

Delivery contents: ? soil compaction tester ? 2 probe tips ? 2 handles ? user manual Device data: ? Measurement of the mechanical resistance in the ground ? Analogue display shows soil compaction during insertion ? The measurement scale on the soil compaction tester shows the depth of the compacted soil layer ? Measurement range from 0 to 70 ? Measurement of hydraulic pressure without electronics, and so no battery needed ? Completely made of stainless steel ? Probe tips for light and heavy soils

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