FELIX F-900 Portable Ethylene gas analyser



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The F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer provides measurements of ethylene in real time. Quality Assurance professionals use the F-900 to collect the data they need to manage ethylene gas accurately and efficiently—in controlled atmosphere facilities, cold storage, and shipping containers.

Until recently, sensitive ethylene measurements were available only through complex and expensive gas sampling and gas chromatography analysis. The F-900 is an economical, yet precise, solution to ethylene measurement.

The F-900 Research Kit enables the stand-alone unit to take in-situ measurements of ethylene flux from fruits and leaves non-destructively. By using the Injection Port Kit, (F-900IP) users can take small-volume, point-in-time measurements of ethylene. Additional sensors for measuring CO2 and O2 can be added to the F-900 for complete ripening gas analysis.

Harvest Agri Ltd is the UK distributor for FELIX INSTRUMENTS of USA and will be happy to provide more details, answer queries and provide service.  See “Contact us”.  However, please feel free to check their excellent website at “http://www.felixinstruments.com” or contact them by email at sales@felixinstruments.com


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