CID BioScience Digital Root Scanning System- In situ, Narrow Gauge Root Imager



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A New Minirhizotron System Compatible with 2-inch Diameter Tubes!

Observing a root system throughout a plant’s life cycle is key to understanding overall plant behavior and health, and to improving crop performance. 

The CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager is a minirhizotron system that captures non-destructive, high-resolution, digital images of living roots in soil over multiple growing seasons. Compatible with root tubes measuring two inches in diameter, the CI-602 gives users the ability to work within new and existing tube installations.

The CI-602 is a durable and lightweight minirhizotron that is easy to transport to any field location and can be used in sites with root tubes across a range of treatments or conditions. Our free root analysis software, RootSnap!, quickly and easily calculates parameters including root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle.

Harvest Agri Ltd is the UK distributor for CID BioScience of USA and will be happy to provide more details, answer queries and provide service.  See “Contact us”.  However, please feel free to check their excellent website at “” or contact them directly at 01 (360) 833 8835 or by email at


Agricultural professionals use our  CI-602 In-Situ Root Imager to:

  • Take non-destructive, high-resolution digital images of roots systems underground
  • Observe the development and function of a plant’s root system over time
  • Track establishment and rooting of new crops throughout the growing season
  • Detect and diagnose plant pathogens and disorders before changes are visible above ground
  • Time soil amendment applications with root flush

Technical Data

  • Compatible with transparent root tubes which have an inner diameter of two inches (including Bartz tubes).
  • Comes with six durable transparent root tubes: Available in lengths of 105cm or 182cm
  • Made of extruded acrylic Feature custom-machined watertight bottom plug and insulated top cap to prevent moisture build-up in the tube
  • Durable and field-ready
  • Lightweight and easy to transport to any location
  • Suitable for sites with root tubes across a range of treatments or conditions
  • Controlled and powered by included tablet pre-loaded with RootSnap Analysis Software.
  • Use RootSnap to quickly calculate parameters from images  including total and individual root length, area, volume, diameter, branching angle


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