microBiometer 50 test refill

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50 sample microBIOMETER refill with 50 cards and 50 sachets only.

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microBioMeter 50-test refill pack

This refill pack has 50 more sample test cards and reagent sachets.   The refill pack needs to be used with the whisker mixer, the soil sampler and the soil sifter in the starter kit.

The patented microbiometer test only takes around 10 minutes to perform, yet accuracy is on par with lab tests costing 10 times as much. Mix sifted soil for 30 seconds in the reagent solution, let it settle for 15-20 minutes, place 3 drops on our test card, scan it with our smart phone app, and you are done – it really is that simple! Results are archived and accessible in the cloud.

Soil health is the topic of much discussion but until now, there has not been any simple way to give an objective measure.   The microBIOMETER is the answer.  Microbial biomass is the best single indicator of soil health.   (Doran, 2000).   The microBioMeter in conjunction with a smartphone app provides a single number which can be used for decision making.  The new app also gives the ratio of fungal to bacterial microbes.

The app also provides a GPS location and the date/time when accessed. Please contact us for further detail to get full benefit of this feature.

We believe that microbial biomass is the single best measurement of soil health.   Knowing the microbial biomass of the soil in each field enables the wise farmer to evaluate the effect of manures, cover crops, microbial inoculants, fertilisers, cultivation practices, etc.   You cant manage what you dont measure.  Establish benchmarks and measure soil health in each of your fields regularly.

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£ 272.16 (inc VAT)£ 226.80 (exc VAT)

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