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atLEAF BLUE Chlorophyll meter with USB and Bluetooth

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Measuring system:? Optical density difference at 2 wavelengths (640nm and 940nm)

Keys:? 4 keys to operate all functions;? simple, one-key operation to perform? measurements

Display: 2 lines x 16 characters

Data memory capacity: 9554 measurements by value, name , temperature*, and acquisition time*.??? 490 names up to 32 characters long

Power Source:2 x AA (1.5v) batteries

Battery life: 5000 -30000 measurements, depending on use and battery type

Time to take measurement:? less than1 second

Dimensions:? 168 x 78 x 49 mm

Weight: 165 g

Interface: USB with free software for Windows. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) with free app

Auto power off: After 1 minute of inactivity. 4 minutes in USB mode.


The atLEAF BLUE  chlorophyll meter is a powerful, handheld, easy to use device for non-invasively measuring the relative chlorophyll content of green leaf plants.  Chlorophyll can be an indication of the plants condition and uptake of nutrients.  The chlorophyll content is simply measured by placing the leaf into the aperture of the device. Green leaves of up to 0.1 (3mm) thick can be measured.

There are three models.  The atLEAF STD  chlorophyll meter is the basic model without USB or Bluetooth.    The atLEAF PLUS has a USB connection but no Bluetooth connection. The atLEAF BLUE chlorophyll meter is the top of the range model with USB connection and Bluetooth.  IT MEETS (AND EXCEEDS) THE SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE RURAL GRANT SCHEME.

By utilizing the four atLEAF  BLUE chlorophyll meter keys you can

  • Assign species names to the measurements; device can store up to 490 names
  • View up to 9 554 measurements stored in the device’s memory
  • Delete all measurements
  • Transfer plant names to the device or measurements to a computer using the USB mode
  • Remotely command device and acquire measures through the Bluetooth connection
  • Display sensor temperature in degrees F or C
  • Display time
  • Perform and show average on selectable number of stored measurements
  • Modify multiplication factor and offset for measures e.g allowing the device to output the measures in SPAD units
  • Each performed measure has associated device and sensor temperature

see www.atleaf.com

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