• The products listed come from a number of different suppliers, some local, most imported.
  • Lets say you want a pH meter.
  • Click on the relevant product category
  • In this case, “Water ”. The pulldown menu with subcategories will appear, select “pH” and then “pH meters”.
  • A page will open with a discussion of the value of pH measurement and show pictures of a number of alternative meters with prices.
  • Click on the product name of an item of interest.
  • A more detailed screen will open showing the features of the unit and specifications.
  • In some cases, there is a Video which will show the unit in use.
  • When you find a suitable unit, return to the top of screen, and click on “Add to cart”.
  • That will take you to the screen for making payment.
  • The first time you use the site and make payment, the system will open an account for you.
  • We have been in business since 2014 and have gained and maintained an excellent reputation.
  • You can contact Jack Ingle by phone on 07984 018 400 .
  • Apart from your protection under the Consumer Protection Act, we offer a 30 day guarantee.
  • Simply return the item/s you ordered in their original packaging within 30 days for a prompt and courteous replacement or refund, excluding shipping and handling.
  • We cannot do repairs.
  • Note that often items (like some pH meters) have replacement parts which we can supply.
  • Similarly, the soil compaction meters have replacement tips.

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