Tools for Scientific Agriculture

Our motto is “You can’t manage
what you don’t measure.”

Welcome to Harvest Agri

Assisting farmers, agronomists and consultants who are serious about managing their operations.

Harvest Agri Ltd is a small, home based company selling sophisticated agricultural instruments for research and practical instruments for day to day use.

Jack Ingle is a chemical engineer with nearly 50 years of experience in agriculture.  Harvest Agri has been operating in UK for 5 years and built a good name for service, reliability and value-for-money.  Our sister company in South Africa has been handling the same equipment range for 15 years.

As a service from CID BioScience, academic institutions can enjoy access to published research papers where the instruments were used.

Agronomists and Farmers who are serious about managing their crops can build a history of data of important parameters.  

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Our Suppliers

NZ Pump Company
AT Delta

Delivery & Warranty Information

Our suppliers are selected for quality, reliability and service. In most cases, we are their exclusive UK distributors.   In the unlikely event of non-performance, we replace under their warranty, not repair.

Fast moving small items are generally delivered within a few days by Royal Mail.  

Our more sophisticated equipment which has to be imported is usually delivered by courier within about 2 weeks.  All airfreight and Customs duties are included in the quoted price. Please email for further information.